Marcus Bosch


Gramophone Review | CD Egmont / Wellingtons Sieg

The Gramophone, 01. Oktober 2021, Peter Quantril
BEETHOVEN Overtures. Wellington's Victory Past a sonorous first chord, the rethorically moulded opening to Egmont may take the unwary listener by surprise, but the score indicated Sostenuto, ma non troppo, and Marcus Bosch convincingly relates it to the Overture's main argument as a recitative-like up-beat in the manner of the introduction to the Seventh Symphony, a mere eight opus numbers away. There is a muscular discipline to his Beethoven that I renjoy ery much, and a dramatic imperative that points up the restless syncopations of the main Allegro before a theatrical arrest for the unique double cadence at the Overture's climax. (...)
Indeed, by the side of Bosch, many interpreters old and new sound comparatively fussy or laboured: try him blowing the cobwebs away in The Concecration of the House. (...)
Anyone still entertaining a low opinion of Beethoven's highly profitable pièce d'occasion should give Marcus Bosch a try.
(...), but this is a hallmark of all three volumes in what has become a definitive modern edition of Beethoven's music for the stage.


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