Marcus Bosch



2012/05/21, St. Michael, St. Nikolaus Aachen Anton Bruckner: Sinfonien
GRAMOPHON, 12. Mai 2012, Rob Cowan
Bruckner Symphonie No. 1 Marcus Bosch’s First with the Aachen Symphony, the concluding instalment of his set of the numbered symphonies returns us to the kind of weighty approach already well known from various feted Brucknerians of yore, though without recourse to mannerism. His recording is roughly on a par with Young’s, though more resonantly recorded and swifter by around three minutes overall (Venzago is almost two minutes swifter still). Oddly, although Venzago achieves the more Schubertian textures, it is Bosch whose approach to the Andante is more reminiscent of Schubertian lyricism. He cues a propulsive Scherzo and his finale is particularly imposing: the quasi-fugal writing from 7'22" builds up a good head of steam and the closing pages are very exciting.


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